South Korean Crime Flick The New World Lands a Full Trailer

The New World (2013) Movie Image

There’s a lot of love for Choi Min-sik here at Beyond Hollywood. Anytime the guy lands a new role, we tend to get a little excited. Fans of the South Korean actor were no doubt jumping for proverbial joy upon learning that the “Oldboy” star was slated to appear in the South Korean crime drama “The New World.” Now that the teaser trailer has properly sunk in, we can now feast our eyes and ears on the first full trailer. You can find it hanging out below.

But first, let’s take a look at this synopsis:

Undercover police officer Ja-sung infiltrates “Gold Moon,” the biggest crime organization in Korea, to investigate them under the command of his superior Kang. After eight years, Ja-sung becomes the right-hand man to the ring’s second-in-command Jung Chung, who holds the real power. But when the mob boss dies and “Gold Moon” threatens to fall apart due to a power struggle, Ja-sung is cornered by both bosses on opposite sides. Caught between Jung Chung who trusts him with his life, and Kang who thinks of him only as bait, the final decision Ja-sung must make rests on loyalty and betrayal.

“The New World” stars Lee Jeong-jae, Hwang Jeong-min, Park Seong-woong, Song Ji-hyo, and Jeong Yeong-gi. Did I mention Choi Min-sik? I’m sure I did somewhere along the way. When you’re ready, you can check out the new trailer below.

I think this is one to get genuinely excited about. If you missed the previously released teaser, then you should probably fix that problem very soon.

The New World (2013) Movie Poster

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