South Korean Director Byung-ki Ahn Brings Some Terror to China with Bi Xian

Director Byung-ki Ahn, best known for his South Korean horror flicks “Bunshinsaba”, “Phone”, and “A.P.T.”, is all set to scare the knickers off Chinese audiences with his upcoming genre outing “Bi Xian”. The film is the first endeavor from the talented filmmaker’s Beijing-based production company, and judging from the trailer you see embedded below, it looks just as creepy as his previous efforts. I haven’t been able to locate a proper synopsis, though it’s not that hard to figure out what’s going on, even with the language barrier. Woman — who may or may not be married — moves into an enormous house with her son. Guess what? It’s haunted. Horrifying shenanigans ensue. You know the drill. That said, it still looks promising.

“Bi Xian” is slated for release this summer in China.

Via : Chinese Films