South Korean Dramedy Dangerously Excited Lays Down a Funky New Trailer

Dangerously Excited (2012) Movie Image

I’m a little late on this one, but since I think this one has potential, I’m going to post it, anyway. Below you’ll find the latest trailer for Koo Ja-hong’s upcoming drama/comedy “Dangerously Excited”, a motion picture about a government worker who clashes with an indie rock band. And if you guessed that our hero would eventually come to appreciate the youngsters and their music, congratulations! You’ve obviously spent so much time watching movies that absolutely nothing comes as a surprise to you anymore. And that’s kind of sad.

Enough about your problems. Here’s a lengthy synopsis:

Dae-Hee (Yoon Je-Moon) is a low level city government employee in the Mapo district of Seoul. His department handles various issues like trash, noise, and public safety. Dae-Hee isn’t married, nor does he have a girlfriend at the moment. He also doesn’t have many hobbies. Dae-Hee enjoys memorizing facts from books to impress his colleagues and watching television until falling asleep. You can say he is conservative and his job at the city government office suits him well.

Within the Mapo district lies the Hongdae area famous for the thriving indie rock music scene. Dae-Hee leaves with a co-worker to talk with a band who has received numerous complaints from neighbors about loud noise in a residential neighborhood.

The band is practicing for their next album which is coming out in the upcoming days. They are disheartened when Dae-Hee and his co-worker informs them they have to stop playing in their rented basement. During their talk, a man comes by and offers the band to rent his attic room for a generous price. Dae-hee and his co-worker knows something is fishy, but just go about their business.

The next day, the band discovers their musical instruments and rent money stolen by the con man who offered to rent his apartment. Meanwhile, they become angry at civil worker Dae-Hee who introduced them to the con man. They go visit Dae-Hee at his office.

To avoid a scene in front of his boss, Dae-Hee quickly offers the band his basement for their practice sessions. Dae-Hee seems to have little interest in music or the kids. Yet, days later when 2 members quit the band, Dae-Hee is recruited to join the band as their bassist.

“Dangerously Excited” also stars Kim Byeol, Seong Joon, Kim Hee-jeong-I, Seo Hyeon-jeong, and Kwon Soo-hyeon. The film was originally supposed to arrive in South Korean theaters this April, though its release has now been scheduled for July. The latest trailer lies below.

Via : HanCinema