South Korean Fight Flick Fist of Legend Gets a Nifty New Poster

Fist of Legend (2013) Movie Image

Based on a South Korean comic strip, director Kang Woo-Suk’s “Fist of Legend” looks to be a standout among the flicks released in the country during 2013. I’m a sucker for South Korean fight movies, which is why this particular endeavor has ensnared by brutally fickle attention. Although we already covered the trailer that dropped last month, the promotional team have unleashed a new poster for the world to gawk at. You can find it below.

But first, a really short synopsis:

A man takes part in a reality show based on “real fighting.” The prize for the program is 20 million wons. Contestants consists of regular people.

Not much of a plot, really, but people usually don’t watch these things for the thrilling storylines. I could be wrong, though I seriously doubt it. “Fist of Legend,” which has no connection to the Jet Li flick, stars Hwang Jung-Min, Yu Jun-Sang, Yoon Je-Moon, Park Won-Sang, Lee Yo-Won, and Gu Won. The film opens in South Korea on April 10, 2013. Check out the goodies below.

Fist of Legend (2013) Movie Poster

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