South Korean Thriller Conspirators is Now The Traffickers. And Here’s a New Trailer.

Conspirators (2012) Movie PosterI never really know what a South Korean movie is going to be called by the time it arrives here in the States. “Soar into the Sun”, for example, is now “Return to Base”, or vice versa depending on which website I happen to be reading at the moment. Director Kim Hong-Sun’s organ harvesting drama “Conspirators” is apparently now going by the title “The Traffickers”, though everything else seems to be the same. By the time someone snags it for North American distribution, it might be named “The Trafficking Conspiracy”. Whatever it’s called, you can rest assured that I’m going to watch it.

Here’s an extremely vague and entirely useless synopsis:

A thriller about the passengers with different objectives on board a cruiser headed for China, being chased over and over again and unexpected happening of things.

It’s about organ harvesters and their victims — that’s really all you need to know. “The Traffickers”, which stars Im Chang-jeong, Choi Daniel, Oh Dal-soo, Jo Yoon-hee, Jo Dal-hwan, and Jeong Ji-yoon, opens in South Korea this August. You can check out the latest trailer by directing your attention to the video embedded below.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second