South Korean Thriller The Flu Spreads to the US This Month

The Flu (2013) Movie Image

There’s a lot of running in the icky South Korean thriller “The Flu,” though it’s kind of hard to run away from a virus. Since director Sung-su Kim knows how to lens a tense and memorable motion picture, chances are you won’t spend a lot of time worrying about why people spend a lot of time jogging around. Although the flick is a little melodramatic and downright silly in spots, it’s still very much worth checking out.

Fortunately for you and your South Korean cinema-loving friends, “The Flu” is on its way to DVD later this month courtesy of CJ Entertainment. If you love viral outbreaks but hate all of that pesky death and devastation that generally associated with such events, then this is the next best thing. Yes, that was a terrible joke.

Here’s the synopsis:

A deadly epidemic is sweeping through Bundang, the suburb of Seoul. After smuggling illegal immigrants into the country, Byung-woo dies from an unknown virus. Soon after that, the same symptoms begin to plague scores of residents, spreading chaos and terror. As a worst-case scenario precaution, Bundang is about to be shut down by the government, while In-hye and Ji-goo try to go into the closed city.

“The Flu” will make you cough and sniffle despite your good health on March 18. When you’re ready, the contagious trailer lies below. Cover your mouth!

The Flu (2013) Movie Poster

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