South Korean Thriller The New World Lands a Poster and a Teaser Trailer

The New World (2013) Movie Image

Choi Min-sik’s performances in both “Oldboy” and “I Saw the Devil” are nothing short of phenomenal. I’m sure that’s not the first time you’ve read something along those lines. Even when the movies themselves don’t immediately pull me in, the actor’s involvement pretty much guarantees I’ll watch the flick at some point in time. This happened with “The Nameless Gangster,” and I’m sure the same thing will transpire with Park Hoon-jeong’s “The New World.”

I don’t necessarily think the recent teaser trailer for the upcoming thriller looks bad, though it doesn’t immediately make me want to watch it either. My interest is certainly piqued, which means I’ll keep an eye out for the full trailer that’s likely to drop in the near future.

This synopsis has your name on it:

A detective infiltrates into one of the biggest gang organizations in the country and gets involved in a fight for the heir to the gang after the boss dies and in between the second in charge who trusts him with his life and the high police officials who think of him only as bait.

Here’s another summary in case you need clarification:

When the biggest crime organization is about to fall apart by a power struggle, the police detective deep undercover is cornered by both bosses on the opposite sides. The police sweep-up operation tightens in on the undercover detective who now has to make the final decision for his loyalty and betrayal.

In addition to the always enjoyable Choi Min-sik, “The New World” stars Lee Jeong-jae, Hwang Jeong-min, Park Seong-woong, Song Ji-hyo, and Jeong Yeong-gi. The film lands in South Korean theaters on February 21. You can find the teaser and the poster below.

The New World (2013) Movie Poster

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