South Park Extended Through 2013

Love Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s “South Park”? Then this should make you happy — the boys have agreed with Comedy Central to extend the show through to the year 2013, which means two more years for the foul-mouthed youths of South Park, Colorado.

If you are a tad surprised by this, you would be justified, especially given the most recent episode, “You’re Getting Old” which saw main character Stan growing up and realizing that everything around him has turned to, literally in some cases, sh-t. Most people saw that first half finale as Parker and Stone giving fans a heads up that they were about to take off after fifteen seasons.

I guess we were all wrong — they still have two more in them. Or at least, Comedy Central must be paying them enough that they’re sticking around.

For the current season (#15!!!!), the second half will return October 5th, and after that, you’ll have two more years of “South Park” before Parker and Stone are off to bigger and better things. Dare we hope for a “Team America” sequel? Matt Damon would approve.