South Park Finally Returns to Rescue Your Lame Wednesdays

Man, how much does Wednesdays suck for TV viewing? It sucks so much that the only thing on my DVR for Wednesdays are new episodes of “Justified”, still the best show on TV. Now, thankfully, my DVR can finally record something else — brand spanking new episodes of “South Park”!

Up first for Matt Parker and Trey Stone? Steve Jobs and his iPad by way of Tom Six’s “The Human Centipede”, in case you haven’t already figured it out by the photo above.

Catch the first new episode of “South Park” Season 15 this Wednesday on Comedy Central.

Here’s a clip of Steve Jobs introducing his latest and greatest invention to the world: The HumancentiPad! (I’m sure it’ll sell like hotcakes, get a lot of complains, before a version 2.0 is released a few months later and sell even more.)