South Park Will Go Until 2016, 5 More Seasons

South Park Episode You're Getting Old

Fifteen seasons into their Comedy Central run, and Trey Parker and Matt Stone are still bringing the funny. I honestly don’t know how they’re doing it, but they are, and apparently they have five more seasons left in them, because the lads have signed a deal with the cable network to extend their show to 2016, which would eventually end up with “South Park” toppling the 20-season mark. What does that mean? Basically that Parker and Stone will be able to retire comfortably on syndication money alone. Not to mention all that “South Park” merchandising…

As with the previous 15 seasons, Parker and Stone will continue to write, direct, edit, and voice (most of the characters in) every episode. And in case you didn’t think that was a lot of work, you haven’t seen the show’s “6 Days to Air” documentary (trailer below), which chronicles the six days it takes the duo to write/direct and air each new episode of “South Park”.

The final episode of Season 15 airs tonight on Comedy Central.