Spanish Jennifer’s Body Poster Eeees Niiiiice

How come them foreigners get better versions of movie posters then us gringos? No idea, but they do, though that won’t stop us from enjoying it as well. Hah! Take that! And yes, I swear, the site is not turning into some Megan Fox Central or anything. The girl just happens to be the star of a major movie that’s coming out in less than a month, that’s all. Anyways, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In “Jennifer’s Body”, Megan Fox plays Jennifer, a hot cheerleader who gets killed and resurrected as a boy-eating demon. Her buddy, the nerdy Needy (gee, way to go with the subtlety there, writer Diablo Cody) played by Amanda Seyfried must stop her at all cost lest she eat up all the boys in town, and then who is goign to invite Needy to the prom? Karyn Kusama directs.

Poster via STYD.