Spanish Zombie Franchise REC Adds a Genesis and an Apocalypse Sequel

Who says only Hollywood knows how to squeeze blood from a stone? Spain’s Filmax Entertainment is doing a little squeezing of its own, and have greenlit two more sequels to its popular zombie franchise “REC” from writers/directors Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero. The two extra sequels are envisioned as the final two films in the series, but as anyone who has been working in the film industry for at least two seconds, we know how concrete that kind of statement is.

Instead of co-directing the two films like they did the previous two, Plaza and Balaguero will instead split the work this time around, with Plaza taking over the prequel “REC: Genesis”, which will explore the origins of the zombie virus that plagued a tenement building in the first two movies, while Balaguero will cap the franchise off with “REC: Apocalypse”. One presumes that with a title like “Apocalypse”, the zombie virus will finally bust loose from the apartment building. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to get its safety deposit back, though, what with all the bodies and blood its left in its wake.

“Genesis” will hit theaters first in the Fall of 2011, with “Apocalypse” coming fast and furious the following year.

American viewers not familiar with the “REC” films will know it more as “Quarantined”, a remake of the Spanish original. Unlike the Spaniards, though, Hollywood has been slow in making a sequel to the modest hit “Quarantined”.

Here’s one of the trailers for “REC 2”: