Spartacus Blood and Sand Gets a Six-Episode Prequel

The Starz Channel would like nothing better than to get the cast and crew of their instant hit “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” back on the sand and spilling some blood and engaging in good old fashion fornication for Season 2, but the fact is, with star Andy Whitfield occupied with more serious matters (he’s currently being treated for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in New Zealand), Starz is looking for ways to keep the show going, even as they wait for Whitfield’s return. Enter a six-part prequel.

As fans of the show already knows, the season finale of “Spartacus” Season 1 didn’t exactly end well for the House of Batiatus, run by “The Mummy’s” John Hannah as Batiatus, and Lucy Lawless as his bitch of a wife Lucretia (the two lovebirds are featured in the top left pic). The prequel, which will run six episodes, will trace the rise of Batiatus, and introduce a new character: Batiatus’ gladiator champ pre-Spartacus. As for the blood and guts hero himself, he will apparently be making only a “brief appearance”, though given Whitfield’s situation, I wouldn’t be surprised recycled footage from the first season.

As for the actual Season 2 of “Spartacus”, that will depend entirely on star Andy Whitfield’s treatment. Which means, basically, that there is actually a chance he might never come back, which would undoubtedly leave the producers in quite a bind. How exactly would you continue with a show called “Spartacus” when the guy playing Spartacus, well, can’t anymore?

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