Spartacus’ Buddy Jai Courtney Cast as John McClane’s Son in Die Hard 5


Jai CourtneyLooks like getting shanked by Spartacus in “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” went over pretty well for Jai Courtney. The actor who played Varro on the Starz channel show, and who is co-starring in Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher movie “One Shot”, has now landed the coveted role of Jack McClane in the latest “Die Hard” movie.

In the fifth “Die Hard” movie, Jack is the estranged son of NY badass cop John McClane (Bruce Willis), who is getting into all kinds of trouble in Moscow, forcing dad to come over to lend some assistance. Described as “even be more of a hardass than his father” (which is, wow, saying something), Jack and John McClane must defeat the bad guys and save the world. For one McClane that might be a little tough; for two, it’s a Sunday stroll.

Apparently Courtney beat out “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth for the cushy gig, with the franchise now being set up for him to take over once the elder McClane hangs it up. Which is probably going to be a while yet. Willis may be in his late ’50s, but the guy still looks like he can carry the torch for a couple of more sequels … or a dozen. And really, if Sly and Arnold can keep kicking ass in their twilight years…

I was personally hoping for Justin Long (from “Live Free or Die Hard”) to continue the franchise as McClane’s pseudo son, but I guess he was just too, well, Justin Long-y. It sounds like they’re really crafting Jack McClane as a clone of his dad. Which, let’s face it, Long would never have fit.

John Moore (“Max Payne”) will direct the fifth “Die Hard” movie, titled “A Good Day to Die Hard”, which is being scheduled for a February 14, 2013 release.

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Yippy ki-ya, say Hi to your mother for me.

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  • Dedpool

    I could see him in an action role. I loved the character of Varro and it was heartbreaking to see him go, and even more heartbreaking in the second season when his wife tells Spartacus to stay away from their infant son.
    So is the younger McClane a cop too? And I ‘d like to see them work together more than once to establish some differences between the characters before passing teh torch.

    • Nix

      They also call him “An apple that has not fallen far from the tree”, which could mean he’s also a cop, or they might just be referring to his personality/temperament. Still, dying to see another Die Hard movie.

  • Naw786

    I haven’t watched Jai Courtney in any movie or TV series but still I hope he does a great job as John McClane.

    Bruce Willis proven that some action heroes don’t need muscles but a bit of humor and a classic line.

    Since there is a rumor that Willis will pass the touch to the son, let’s hope Jack is funny and badass just like his dad.