Spartacus Guys Re-Up with Starz on Two New Shows

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No wonder the guys behind Starz’s “Spartacus” have decided that the upcoming third season will also be its last — they have groovy new shows they would rather be doing. And as it turns out, one of those shows is something I’d really love to see, too.

Steven S. DeKnight“Spartacus” creator Steven S. DeKnight (the heavily tattooed dude to your right) has signed on to develop a new sci-fi action show for Starz called “Incursion”, an alien invasion show that sounds a bit like Fox’s ill-fated “Space: Above and Beyond” crossed with “Starship Troopers”.

The heroes of “Incursion” are “a squad of soldiers caught in a war against a hostile alien race.” As with “Spartacus”, each season will be its own entity — in this case, each season the battle will be “fought on a new, exotic planet as humanity punches deeper into enemy territory.” This is similar to how DeKnight approached “Spartacus”, which essentially began a new chapter in the character’s life, complete with new cast of characters and a whole slaughtering of old ones.

Meanwhile, DeKnight’s fellow “Spartacus” producer Rob Tapert has teamed up with “Babylon 5’s” J Michael Straczynski and remake king Roy Lee on a new, original TV show. Well, new and original-ish, anyway.

The trio will be developing yet another take on Vlad the Impaler, aka the man behind the Dracula myth, for Starz called, appropriately enough, “Vlad Dracula”. The show will “blend historical facts of the 15th century Prince of Wallachia with the fictional Dracula, tracing his evolution from a revered ruler to the world’s most feared vampire.”

Being a major sci-fi geek, I am of course up to my eyeballs in excitement over an alien invasion show from Steven DeKnight. “Incursion” sounds right up my alley. “Vlad Dracula”, on the other hand – eh, I’ll see how it goes. I might watch, and I might not. I ain’t promisin’ nuthin’.

Season 3 of “Spartacus”, meanwhile, beings January 2013.


Via : Deadline