Spartacus’s Andy Whitfield is Cancer-Free, Starts Shooting in October

Good news, fans of over-the-top Roman orgies and bloody gladiatorial combat — “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” star Andy Whitfield is cancer-free, and has been for the last five weeks. With his potentially threatening medical situation (he was diagnosed with Stage 1 non-Hodgkin lymphoma just as Season 2 of “Spartacus” was supposed to start shooting) out of the way, Whitfield is now set to return to gladiator boot camp in July.

Shooting on the second season of “Spartacus”, a major hit for fledgling network Starz, will re-commence sometime in October after the network wraps up the 6-episode “prequel” interlude that was announced weeks ago. The prelude was a response to Whitfield’s sudden diagnosis, and is meant to tie fans over until Whitfield could return to shoot season 2. Whitfield’s Spartacus is confirmed to appear in at least two of those episodes. I suspect it’s probably the first and last episodes, just to bookend it.

Meanwhile, fans of “Spartacus” can catch the actor and his co-stars at this year’s Comic Con, where the show will be making its second appearance. I was at the panel last year, and the show had a pretty extensive presence throughout the event.

Dude just beat cancer. You want a piece of him?