Speed Racer Movie Update: The Mach 5 Revealed

You gotta love USA Today. All this time, I thought they were a high-falutin’ newspaper that only cared about national politics and international finance, but after the Dark Knight scoop a few days ago, and now this Speed Racer article, these guys have become must-reads for me. Who knew they were so geeky? Over at their site, they have an article on Speed Racer, and among the article extras is a picture of the Mach 5 (below), the groovy car that Speed Racer will be driving in the Wachowski’s live-action movie.

“The TV show was the brothers’ introduction to Japanese animation,” says Joel Silver, a friend of the press-shy Wachowskis and producer of Racer and the Matrix films. “They fell in love with the genre. They said they’d been making R-rated movies their whole lives and wanted to do something their nephews and nieces could watch.”

The film, Silver says, will have a “retro future” look and will center on Speed (Hirsch) trying to make a name for himself in the racing world despite the efforts of corporate giants to foil his career. The film also stars Christina Ricci as girlfriend Trixie and Matthew Fox as Speed’s older brother, Racer X.

And oh yeah, Chim Chim the monkey we also be real, in case you were wondering.

Behold the Mach 5!

Speed Racer Movie Update: The Mach 5 Revealed