Spider-Man Producer Wants The Lizard for Spider-Man 4

Via ComicBookMovie, there’s an interview with “Spider-Man” producer Grant Curtis for iF Magazine where Curtis remarks about his choice for the “Spider-Man 4” villain. Curtis says he prefers his favorite, The Lizard, whose human alter ego is Doctor Connors, Peter Parker’s science college professor. The character (pre-Lizard) has been played by actor Dylan Baker (pictured) for the last two Spidey movies. If the Lizard does become the “Spider-Man 4” villain, it would be hard to see anyone else playing Connors. Then again, The Powers That Be are already planning a “Spider-Man 4” without, potentially, Tobey Maguire, Sam Raimi, and Kristen Dunst, so I’m sure replacing a supporting actor wouldn’t make them lose any sleep.

The thing is, Grant really doesn’t sound like he has any choice in the matter, and seems to think Kraven the Hunter is going to get the bad guy job. Dude, aren’t you a producer? Or aren’t you?

More about The Lizard via Wikipedia:

Curtis Connors was born in Coral Gables, Florida. He was a gifted surgeon who enlisted in the military and was sent off to war. He performed emergency battlefield surgery on wounded GIs, but his right arm was injured in a blast and had to be amputated. After his return to civilian life, he became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian limb regeneration and studied reptilian biology extensively. From his home in the Florida Everglades, he finally developed an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA. He successfully regrew the missing limb of a rabbit and then, despite the warnings of his wife Martha, chose to test it on himself. Connors ingested the formula and his missing arm did indeed grow back. Unfortunately, it had a horrible side effect; Connors was subsequently transformed into a reptilian humanoid monster. Spider-Man discovered this situation during a trip to Florida to investigate newspaper reports of the Lizard. Spidey was then able to use Connors’ notes to create an antidote to restore him to his human form and mentality.

I wouldn’t mind Kraven the Hunter as the main villain, but they should really (and finally) develop the Doctor Connors character already. He’s always just been in the background for the last two movies. I’m sure a lot of non-comic book fans are wondering why the guy only has one arm.

Spider-Man Producer Wants The Lizard for Spider-Man 4