Spider-Man Reboot Gets Amazing Title, New Web Shooting Image


“Spider-Man”? “Spider-Man 4″? “Spider-Man 3D”? None of the above. Call him “The Amazing Spider-Man” from now on.

Via the film’s Facebook page and very sparse official site, Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot has received its official title, plus this new image of a slingin’, web-shootin’ Andrew Garfield (we assume that that’s Garfield in the costume) showing off his mechanical web shooters.

“The Amazing Spider-Man” stars Garfield as Peter Parker, high school nerd turned superhero, with Emma Stone as his love interest Gwen Stacy. Also in the cast, Martin Sheen, Rhys Ifans, Sally Field, C. Thomas Howell, Irrfan Khan, Denis Leary, Julianne Nicholson, and Campbell Scott.

Spidey swings amazingly into action next year July 3, 2012.

click to enlarge

Two closer looks at Spidey’s mask and web shooters:

Author: Nix

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  • Marc Ohhhh

    wow! look at the texture!

  • Juggernaut

    Okay, I’m going to do it again…I may have been wrong in my past comments about this film. That pic looks “Amazing”!!!! LOL. Sorry, I coldn’t resist. Seriously though, wow! If the film looks anything like this I’ll be pleasantly surprised next summer.

  • Juggernaut

    Okay, I’m going to do it again…I may have been wrong in my past comments about this film. That pic looks “Amazing”!!!! LOL. Sorry, I coldn’t resist. Seriously though, wow! If the film looks anything like this I’ll be pleasantly surprised next summer.

  • guest

    looks good

  • Shazam!

    In my opinion – that single pic captures more of Spidey’s character than any of the previous movies. Love the pose, love the posture – and not really caring about the costume changes! As the proved in the previous films, you can have a carbon copy of the costume and still miss the mark. Clearly the costume doesn’t make the man!

  • Brian

    I’ll admit this picture makes the suit look cool. But one picture of a costume is not nearly enough to change my mind on so many other aspects of this film that I dislike. Everything about this entire production has been….has not been quality, even the casting is ridiculous. I don’t think a picture should sway anyone’s mind from what they thought before hand…if it does, well that’s something rude.
    I’m still against it, even with the cool picture. I’m very very sour towards this reboot given the circumstances. Sorry.

    • Theagent0fgod

      I tend to agree with what you’re saying Brian even if our impressions might end up wrong. The picture does look good.

      The main problem I’ve got with this production is Marc Webb; while Sam Raimi had proven himself in many genres in movies that I remember liking. Webb seems to come out of nowhere.

      I also think he should stick with classic Spidey villains I don’t like that more recent one they’re bringging for the film.

      One thing is for sure, 2012 like 2011 will be dominated by MARVEL.

  • Whohar99

    new suit looks awesome…. but still love the one from part 1,2. I like the rugged home made look of the old one. stil going to see this movie either way.

  • TotesMagotes

    Brian you’re a dumbass. The cast of this movie is way better than the cast of Sam Raimi’s spiderman movies. And TheagentOfgod is a dumbass too. The Lizard is a classic Spidey villain, in fact he’s one of his first villains. I’m excited about this movie. It seems like Marc Webb is sticking to the comics a lot more than Sam Raimi did.

    • Theagent0fgod

      I was talking about that Nels Van Adder character they are bringging also called Proto Goblin.

    • Brian

      I don’t think stating my opinion on the acting abilities and on screen presence of B-list and/or actors that haven’t shown much of any talent over the past 10 or 15 years warrants my being a “dumbass”.
      Versus of course people like Willem Dafoe, J.K. Simmons, Alfred Molina, Thomas Haden Church and arguably Tobey, Franco and Dunst who not only FIT their characters, but are able to act them appropriately and with quality talent…you know, the ones you’re saying aren’t as good at acting as Denis Leary and Sally Field…facepalm.

  • TotesMagotes

    He’s cool too, I don’t understand what’s so bad about changing it up a bit. I just don’t get how any of you can like the old spiderman movies. He totally ruined Venom, and Hobgoblin.

    • Juggernaut

      The thing to remember here is that this is a new franchise. Any mistakes that were made can be fixed with the new franchise. Venom was wildly mishandled as was the black costume. I’m not sure exactly what Raimi was going for with Harry in part 3. Was he Green Goblin 2, Hobgoblin or some new amalgam of the two?!?! The problem for the new crew will be how to tell an origin/beginnings story without central characters who have been done in Raimi’s three films. I believe with this cast they have somewhat accomplished that. Having this set in High School you’d think that major supporting roles such as Mj, Harry and Norman Osbourne would in there. However the Raimi films are still frwesh in the audience’s memory. Marc Webb should make this film without as many of the characters that were used in the last three films and set up those characters in here to develope them in he next installments. While Lizard is a logical foe for H.S. Spidey I would have gone a different way for the second villain. Proto-Goblin obviously comes after Norman and Harry. He even comes after Hobgoblin! Why they chose him is beyond me. There are so many classic villains that haven’t been done. Rehashing the “Goblin” archetype is a bad move. It has been done twice on film already! Hopefully Webb and his new Spidey team can deliver a fun movie without diverting too much from the source material.

      • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

        It’s simple really, they did it because technically a proto-goblin should come before the full on version. And since the serum has a completely different effect, (more like the Ultimate goblin serum) then we get a different character but with foreshadowing of the Goblin to come. I’d like to see something a bit closer to the comics for the Hobgoblin, then intro the Green Goblin like they did in the 90’s toon.

        • Juggernaut

          I’d like to see Van Adder similar to his comic incarnation, employee of Oscorp used as a guinea pig. In the first film Norman is talked about but not seen. Have Harry show up in school in the next one after the events from the first film force Norman to relocate to experiment on the serum.

  • http://www.muslimmarriage-events.co.uk/ Mary

    Pretty neat “spin” on the Spider-Man costume! LOL Seriously though? I like it.