Spider-Man’s Venom Gets his Own Movie Spin-off?

Alien symbiote and piles of goo Venom to get his own movie post-“Spider-Man 3”? Hey, why not, it’s not like we saw enough of him in Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man 3”. In fact, we didn’t see a whole lot of anyone in that movie, thanks to Raimi’s insistence on jamming the flick with about two villains too many. Seriously, Sam, what were you thinking? In any case, the news that Venom might be getting his own spin-off movie sounds fantastic — but only if Topher Grace stays the hell out of it.


But Venom fans rejoice, Marvel is moving forward with a new stand alone film, yep you heard right, Venom is coming back to the big screen.

We’ve confirmed that “the studio” has met recently with several “A list writers” about a spin-off film.

Back to the Grace issue. I liked the skinny kid from That ’70s Show, but man, was he ever wrong for Eddie Brock! Especially when Grace did that smirk of his. Wow, what bad casting there, Sam Raimi. Then again, nearly everything about “Spider-Man 3” was a misfire, so you know…

Spider-Man’s Venom Gets his Own Movie Spin-off?