Spidey to Battle the Vulture and The Vulturess in Spider-Man 4?

And oh yeah, John Malkovich is apparently being “circled” to play geriatric bad guy The Vulture in “Spider-man 4”, or so says Movieline, who cites the always popular “sources close to the production” as evidence. Besides Malkovich as Spidey’s villain The Vulture, the site also says that Anne Hathaway is still very much in the running to join the production, only she won’t be playing the Black Cat as originally speculated, but instead a whole new villain called The Vulturess.

Look, folks, I’m not making this stuff up, although come on, The Vulturess? That sure sounds made up, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this is all one big April Fool’s joke. ‘Cept it ain’t April, so draw your own conclusions.

Moving on: Apparently the reason why Curt Connors will never get his time in the sun and finally turn into The Lizard? Sony is having difficulty wrapping their heads around what Movieline calls “such an odd-looking enemy”. Really? The Lizard is odder looking than, say, a guy who can turn into sand? Or a dude flying around in a skateboard wearing armor and trying to slice Spidey with a sword? Ooooookay.

Now don’t get me wrong, Malkovich in a villainous role is awesome, as I’m sure his role as the bad guy in “Jonah Hex” will indeed be quite awesome. But The Vulture? The old, bald dude with skin-tight green costume and wings? Ugh. At least give it to Bruce Campbell. He could make it fun. By the way, did I imagine it or was there a “Spider-Man” comic book issue that had, at one point, Peter Parker’s Aunt May dating The Vulture’s civvy alter ego?

And why in the world would you cast a major Hollywood starlet and then have her become something as lame-sounding as “The Vulturess”? Felicia Hardy aka The Black Cat is a killer role, and that skin-tight black costume is equally killer. Then again, I am a guy, so maybe it’s just the perv in me talking.

What say you? The Vulture instead of The Lizard? The Vulturess instead of Black Cat?

Fear me, puny mortals! For I am old and bald and have wings and -- hey, get off my lawn!

Fear me, puny mortals! For I am old and bald and have wings and -- hey, get off my lawn!