Spidey Villain or Young Magneto for Michael Fassbender?

Michael Fassbender is an interesting actor. I never know he’s in a movie until he just shows up onscreen, and even then I don’t know it’s him until the credits role, or someone tells me, “Hey, that’s Michael Fassbender!” Which is rare, because most people don’t know who Michael Fassbender is. (He’s also playing a baddie in “Jonah Hex”, by the way; bet you didn’t know that.)

So, being Michael Fassbender is a pretty good deal at the moment, because according to Showbiz 411, ol Mikey is currently the object of pursuit for two mega projects — Sony’s reboot of “Spider-Man”, where he’s apparently being sought for the villain part, and Fox’s “X-Men: First Class”, where he’s wanted for young Magneto opposite James McAvoy, who is playing young Professor X.

Right now, Fassbender is trying to choose between the two projects, though I think it’s a no-brainier: he’ll probably go with Matthew Vaughn’s “First Class”. One, Vaughn is the more established director, and second, the role has franchise potential. The “Spider-Man” reboot is nice, but it’s a one-and-doner. Then again, maybe Fassbender doesn’t want to commit to a franchise? In which case, Spidey villain would be the way to go.

Either way, it’s good to be Michael Fassbender, even if most Joblo moviegoer have no idea who he is.