Spiffy New U.S. Trailer for Eric Valette’s French Action/Thriller The Prey

The Prey (2011) Movie Poster

If you were to just look at this U.S. trailer for “One Missed Call” director Eric Valette’s French action/thriller “The Prey”, you would swear it had nothing to do with the plot synopsis laid out below. But it’s the same movie. Which one is right and which one is misdirection? I dunno. I’m going with the synopsis, even if the trailer makes it look like some kind of caper/revenge film. They’re really selling the whole “The Fugitive” angle pretty hard, too.

Nevertheless, it looks like a pretty cool movie, and putting a really attractive French policewoman on the poster with tight jeans and a belt buckle? Wow. Is this movie set in France or Texas? I dunno, but consider me intrigued.

Franck Adrien (Albert Dupontel), a bank robber convicted of a heist and sentenced to six months in prison, shares a cell with seemingly weak Jean Louis Morel. But once Morel gets released from behind bars, Adrien learns that Morel is really a sadistic serial killer who now knows private details about Adrien’s life. Adrien must break out of prison and catch Morel before he gets to Adrien’s family…and before France’s elite police detectives hunt Adrien down.

“The Prey” stars Albert Dupontel, Alice Taglioni, Stéphane Debac, Sergi Lopez, and Natacha Régnier.

Cohen Media Group unleashes “The Prey” in limited theatrical release this June 7th.

Albert Dupontel in The Prey (2011) Movie Image

Albert Dupontel and Sergi López in The Prey (2011) Movie Image

Albert Dupontel and Alice Taglioni in The Prey (2011) Movie Image