Spike Lee’s The Miracle at St. Anna Movie Trailer

Good gracious. Who decided today was the day to dump all of these first-time movie trailers and teasers onto the net? Was there a meeting in Hollywood that I was, once again, not invited to? Anyways, I was this close to calling this post, “Because of Spike Lee’s Big Mouth and Manufactured Feud with Clint Eastwood, We Now Care About The Miracle at St. Anna Movie Trailer”, but that was just way too long, and the last time I tried to cram a title that long into a post header, Berkley, California nearly imploded. You know all that hippie crap that came out of Berkley in the ’60s? Yeah, that was me. My bad.

Four soldiers from the army’s Negro 92nd Division find themselves separated from their unit and behind enemy lines. Risking their lives for a country in which they are treated with less respect than the enemy they are fighting, they discover humanity in the small Tuscan village of St. Anna di Stazzema.

Starring Derek Luke, Michael Ealy, Laz Alonso, Omar Benson Miller, Matteo Sciabordi, and directed by the world’s most famous midget director, Spike Lee.

Shockingly, not a single trace of Whitey’s Inherent Racism against Blacks in the trailer. Spike must be losing his touch.

Get miraculous September 26th.