Splattery New Poster for Director Joseph Kahn’s Horror Flick Detention

Josh Hutcherson, Spencer Locke, Shanley Caswell, and Aaron David Johnson in Detention (2011) Movie Image

Now that Josh Hutcherson is in an insanely profitable motion picture that has catapulted him to instant stardom, why not cover one of his movie’s that been sitting on the proverbial shelf for a while? Below you’ll find the latest poster for director Joseph Kahn’s horror/comedy “Detention”, a film which follows a group of teenage delinquents who are forced to contend with a blood-thirsty killer. The film is aiming for that whole 90’s high school vibe, which, of course, makes me feel incredibly old. But enough about that. Seriously. Enough.

Detention, which co-stars Dane Cook, Spencer Locke, and Shanley Caswell, opens in theaters on April 13th, 2012. You can find the trailer and the artwork nestled below. By the way — the poster is pretty much the same as the one you’ve seen before on this site, except, of course, Hutcherson is now prominently on display. Typical.

Detention (2011) Movie Poster