Spooky New Trailer for Director Oxide Pang’s Sleepwalker 3D

Angelica Lee Sinje is sleepwalking, and her curious nocturnal adventures may prove shockingly murderous in director Oxide Pang’s latest genre effort “Sleepwalker 3D”. However, it’s just not a simple case of sleepwalking. Heavens, no. That would be way too simple. To keep things interesting, Pang has included a police investigation, some curious supernatural shenanigans, and plenty of bizarro dream sequences. The film definitely looks promising, and should scare up quite a bit of business when it opens in Hong Kong on November 3rd, 2011. Fans of high-concept horror will be enamored by the embedded trailer, which you can find lurking below this passage. As of this writing, a North American release date has not been set. Damn it.

Source: Twitch