Spooky Shenanigans are Afoot in Director Kim Dong-Bin’s Two Moons

Getting stranded in an isolated location is never good time, especially when there are strange and unsual things happening all around you. Director Kim Dong-Bin’s upcoming South Korean horror flick “Two Moons” takes a very basic premise — three people stuck in a place from which they cannot escape — and attempts to do some creepy things with it. I’m not overly familiar with Kim’s work, though I do seem to vaguely remember enjoying “Ring Virus”. However, I am a fan of stars Park Han-Byul (“Yoga”, “Fate”) and Kim Ji-Seok (“Eye for an Eye”), so there’s a very strong chance I’ll give it a shot given the opportunity.

Although it doesn’t reveal much, here’s a synopsis from Asian Wiki:

“Two Moons” depicts two women and a man that find themselves in a isolated area without a way out. So-Hee (Park Han-Byul) is a horror story writer who holds a secret. Seok-Ho (Kim Ji-Seok) is a university student who suffers from an an unidentified trauma. He tries to uncover what that trauma is.

“Two Moons” just started filming in April, so don’t expect to see this one until later this year. The first batch of images from the flick have been collected below.

Via : Film Smash