Spooky Trailer For British Horror Ride When The Lights Went Out

When The Lights Went Out (2012) Movie Poster

The “based on a true story” tag is a long running staple of horror cinema. Seemingly every film in the genre has at least enough of a nugget of truth in it that it can make this claim. New British scare-fest “When the Lights Went Out” gets in on this action, and true or not, this new trailer looks sufficiently creepy.

Here’s a synopsis:

Everything you are about to see…really happened. Yorkshire, the north of England, 1974, the Maynard family moves into their dream house. It’s a dream that quickly descends into a panic stricken nightmare as the family discovers a horrifying truth, a truth that will make the history books. The house is already occupied by the most violent poltergeist ever documented, a poltergeist that will tear you from your bed as you sleep and drag you helplessly into the darkness. As the attacks on the family become increasingly violent and terrifying it becomes clear that the exorcism of the poltergeist will be their only chance for survival. Two separate exorcisms are attempted… the consequences of which… are disastrous. “When the Lights Went Out” is based on true events that occurred at No. 30, East Drive on the Chesterfield Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. The subject of a plethora of research group studies, books and newspaper reports, this is the horrifying story of what really happened. Embrace the truth and experience unrivalled terror.

You can’t be blamed for thinking of “Poltergeist” when you watch this trailer, which isn’t a bad thing to have your movie compared to. This video is moody, spooky, and might send shivers up your spine. And they nailed the late 70s/early 80s aesthetic in the setting. You have ghosts, eerie ballet-dancing children, bloody dolls, and swarms of insects hanging out inside. If nothing else, “When the Lights Went Out” looks like a solid haunting story. But don’t take my word for it, check out the trailer down below.

“When the Lights Went Out” opens in the UK on September 14, and will make us remember that cardinal rule of horror, new houses are sinister and out to kill you, always.

Via : 24 Frames Per Second