Spy News: True Lies Goes to ABC, Jack Ryan Reboot Gets Writer

Chris PineTwo bit of spy news for ya today: the first has James Cameron’s “True Lies” TV series going to ABC, where the king of the world will develop the movie for a TV audience. No word yet how closely the TV series will follow the 1994 movie, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a superspy who poses as a boring salesman to his bored wife and delinquent daughter.

However they decide to tweak the concept, though, they would be wise to make sure it doesn’t look or feel too much like J.J. Abrams’ “Undercovers”, which is about a married couple who are also spies, which is essentially what happened at the end of the “True Lies” movie.

Meanwhile, over at the big screen business, Paramount has tapped “Invictus” screenwriter Anthony Peckham to take a stab at their “Jack Ryan” reboot. The film is going under the tentative title of “Moscow”, because the movie, which will star Chris Pine as Jack Ryan before he got into the CIA/spying business going to work in Moscow where he gets into all kinds of hijinks.

Jack Bender is attached to direct.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies (1994) Movie Image