Stage 6’s Direct-to-DVD Sequel Line-up: Vacancy, Starship Troopers, More

Sony Pictures, via their newly acquired Stage 6 Films, will be releasing a horde of sequels, prequels, and original direct-to-DVD movies for the consumer. And if they haven’t lined up the sequels and prequels yet, they’ll be going out and actively pursuing, from what I can assume, moderately successful movies with name recognition for sequel possibilities. Up first to hit DVD shelfs near you is the “Starship Troopers” sequel (actually, the second) called “Maruader”, starring Casper Van Dien, Boris Kodjoe and Jolene Blalock; a “Vacancy” prequel, presumably without Kate Beckinsale; the recently discussed “Art of War 2” with Wesley Snipes; and “Center Stage 2”, a sequel to the 2000 dance movie starring Zoe Saldana.

Meanwhile, here’s what their original line-up looks like via Variety:

…the actioner “Conspiracy,” starring Val Kilmer, Gary Cole and Jennifer Esposito; the Thomas Jane acting-directing vehicle “Dark Country”; “The Stone House,” a horror/thriller directed by Alex Turner and starring Shane West, J.K. Simmons and Leonard Roberts; “The Lodger,” starring Alfred Molina and directed by David Ondaatje; and the thriller “Felon,” which stars Kilmer, Stephen Dorff and Harold Perrineau. The label’s films will largely fall in the $1 million-$10 million budget range.

How sad is it that Val Kilmer is now working almost exclusively in direct-to-DVD movies? From Batman to DVDs. Such is the life of a fallen Hollywood star.