Stake Land: It’s a Road Trip Movie with Vampires. And Kelly McGillis.

It’s sorta like the big-budget Hollywood comedy-horror flick “Zombieland”, except it’s not big-budget, it’s not a comedy, and it’s got vampires instead of zombies. So, actually, it’s not really like “Zombieland” at all, so forget I just typed that. From Jim Mickle, the man who gave us the zombie flick “Mulberry Street”, comes the vampire road movie “Stake Land”, which will star a lot of people you’ve never heard of, plus Kelly McGillis of “Top Gun” fame.

Comingsoon says McGillis will play a nun who joins a small group of survivors (including Danielle Harris of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” movies”) trying to make their way north to safety through the war-torn (and one presumes, vampire-strewn) America. McGillis’ character, called “Sister,” faces a crisis of faith during the vampire bloodshed, ultimately taking up arms to do battle with her newly formed family unit.

Mickle recently told Fangoria magazine more about the movie:

“It’s an apocalyptic vampire Western. It’s told through the eyes of a young boy who is taken under the wing of Nick, who plays a brutal, solitary ghoul hunter in a world populated by grungy creatures—these are not the pretty TRUE BLOOD vampires.

It’s kind of a new Depression; politics have fallen and the economy has fallen. And it’s their story together—how this kid goes from being a young boy in a suburban town to ultimately becoming a stone cold vampire killer. This was written back before the election, so it’s got some political-mindedness to it, because that was a hot topic at the time—the economics and financial system.”

The film is currently shooting in New York and Pennsylvania, and Dark Sky Films and Glass Eye Pix has the film scheduled for release in 2010.

Very moody and cool teaser trailer via QuietEarth.