Stallone Calls Bullet to the Head Rumors a Lie. A Damn, Egregious Lie!

Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables 2 (2012) Movie Promo Art by daz tibblesNow this is pretty rare. Usually movie studios don’t respond to rumors about production troubles. But sometimes, just sometimes, they send out the big guns to refute it — like the star of said movie. Such is the case if Sylvester Stallone’s “Bullet to the Head”.

After news surfaced over the weekend that the Walter Hill-directed film had been yanked from the release schedule, a rumor surfaced that the reason was because the studio found Hill’s cut to be less than acceptable. As a result, Stallone was supposedly taking over and was editing the film himself minus Hill’s involvement. Turns not, maybe that wasn’t entirely true.

Stallone has gone to his buddy Harry Knowles over at AICN to call shenanigans on the report, telling the Head Geek:

Sly calls this rumor, “an egregious lie, I have nothing to do with the editing to BULLET TO THE HEAD. Walter is doing a FANTASTIC job! I think it is a FANTASTIC job and he’s editing it!” !

Even Warner Bros. got into the act, releasing this statement:

Contrary to recent inaccurate and unfounded reports that Sylvester Stallone had taken over the editing of BULLET TO THE HEAD, director Walter Hill continues his editing of the movie. Walter Hill said today, “I’m currently finishing up and locking reels on the movie — as to the content and style of the film, Sly and I are in perfect sync. I’m delighted with the way the film is turning out and hopefully so will the audience.”

So there you have it. Apparently there’s nothing wrong with “Bullet to the Head” whatsoever.

Of course, that doesn’t explain why Warner took the film off its original April 13, 2012 release date. The movie, which also stars Jason Momoa, Christian Slater, Sarah Shahi, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Sung Kang, Jon Seda, Holt McCallany, is currently TBA.

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