Stallone Eyeballing Cliffhanger 2?

If this is true, this would be very sad. According to someone with an Internet connection (i.e. take this with a grain of salt, folks), Sylvester Stallone is ready to mine another one of characters — no, not Rocky or Rambo — but instead … Gabe Walker? Who the hell is Gabe Walker? He’s the hero of Stallone’s 1993 flick “Cliffhanger”, of course.

More (via):

SYLVESTER STALLONE is set to revive another old character as he continues his career resurgence. After receiving favourable reviews for bringing back Rocky and Rambo, the action man is planning to revisit rock climber Gabe Walker from 1993 film Cliffhanger, according to reports. Sony studio executives are in negotiations with Stallone to revive the character for The Dam.

There is no sourcing for the article above at all, so there you go. Who knows, maybe Variety or The Hollywood Reporter will announce it on Monday.

“Cliffhanger 2”, only this time set on a dam, to be called “The Dam”? I don’t know. Stallone is way too old to be hanging upside down on ropes…

Stallone Eyeballing Cliffhanger 2?