Stallone is an Old, Fat, Pathetic Blob of Leftover Meat

Just kidding. At 62, Sylvester Stallone, who is getting a second act in the biz after a recent spate of successes reviving old characters that no one wanted to touch, probably looks better now than you 20-something movie geeks sitting in your parent’s basement as you read this. To prove that point, the writer/director/star of the upcoming testosterone-fueled action flick “The Expendables” sent the below picture to the boys over at AICN. Because, after all, who do you send pictures of yourself without a shirt on to but AICN? Wait, that didn’t come out right…

This is Sylvester Stallone at 62 getting in shape for “The Expendables”. The tattoos are part of his character. Hey, screw you, Stallone! (Now where did I put that leftover twinkie…)

Below: What’s up with the rubbery looking puppet hands, Stallone?