Stallone Updates on The Expendables 3: No Steven Seagal, Possibly Jackie Chan

The Expendables 2 (2012) Movie Last Supper Banner

In case you weren’t sure, yes, Sylvester Stallone is indeed doing another “Expendables” movie. Although the sequel fell a bit short of the original in terms of domestic box office, it actually did better than the original in overseas ticket sales. Overall, the sequel actually performed better than the first movie by about $25 million, though of course you have to factor in the fact that the sequel cost about $20 million more.

In any case, with those kinds of box office numbers, you bet your ass Stallone is moving forward on an “Expendables 3”. The writer/producer/director/star recently went on Twitter and in a fresh round of tweets, updated fans on the status of “The Expendables 3”. This is quite the treat, as Stallone tends to go MONTHS without tweeting anything at all. In fact, he went quiet for almost 6 months before returning with some tweets about “Grudge Match”, his upcoming boxing film with Robert De Niro.

As to “The Expendables 3”, Stallone dropped 4 tweets in a roll, apparently while writing the script to “The Expendables 3”:

In summation: Steven Seagal’s out, but Jackie Chan may still be in. Plus, expect smart-aleck 20-something roles in the upcoming sequel, including one for a hot 20-something actress.

Via : Twitter