Stallone Will Put A Bullet In Your Brain In Headshot

Before Sylvester Stallone sets out to make “The Expendables 2”, he’ll play a hired gun from New Orleans who pairs up with a New York cop in the action film “Headshot”.

In the film, Stallone’s character teams with a young NYPD detective in a high-stakes investigation that leads from the dingy back alleys of New Orleans all the way to the power corridors of Washington, D.C.

The unlikely duo, brought together by two vicious murders, take on all who stand in their way, and are willing to sacrifice everything to exact revenge.

Wayne Kramer (the director of “The Cooler”, not the guitar player for legendary Detroit proto-punk band MC5) will direct the picture, from a script by Alessandro Camon (“The Messenger”). Filming is scheduled to begin in May in New Orleans and New York.

The odd couple, hitman vs. cop dynamic has potential, and Stallone has been on a roll lately. This could be a good, gritty crime story, full of violence and corruption, and I’m a sucker for anything that involves revenge. Sly is good in the role of an aging veteran who has seen it all and been through everything under the sun, which is pretty much his character from “The Expendables” (and “Rambo” now that I think about it). It’ll be interesting to see who they cast in the opposite role. Will they go with another grizzled, long-time pro, or will they try to exaggerate the differences even more by making the cop a young up-and-comer?