Stan Lee Likes Doing Cameos

stan-lee-iron-man-1Stan Lee has become the Where’s Waldo of cameos. It’s a kind of past-time just to identify him in each new Marvel movie. As long as filming is being done within pragmatic reach, Stan Lee tells Collider (he’s still very busy at 86), he’s inclined to do one. In the past he has been discreet, playing either an innocent bystander or a mailman, but in Iron Man 2 he’s being thrust into the spotlight as a “Larry King-type”. Usually they would just get Larry King to do a Larry King impression, but Stan Lee must be the closest approximation; he even has that coarse, embittered voice. All he has to do is don the suspenders and shot-glass-rim glasses like Superman dons his cape. Besides Iron Man 2, he also talks about a potential cameo in Thor. You can watch the entire interview below.