Stan Lee Sues Stan Lee. Say What?

Okay, now this is just weird. And convoluted. And more than a little comic booky, ironically enough. It sounds like something that could only happen in a comic book with a secret diabolical villain at the helm. So it’s like this: apparently comic book God Stan Lee once had a company called Stan Lee Media Inc (named after himself, obviously), that he is no longer a part of, but is now in the hands of someone else. Those someone else are now suing Marvel and Stan Lee, claiming they’re owed $750 million for profits derived from Lee’s creations, which include Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Hulk. Stan Lee, meanwhile, has counter sued Stan Lee Media Inc for hijacking his name. Simple enough, right?

Here, I’ll let THR explain it in detail:

The shareholders of Stan Lee Media Inc claim in a lawsuit to be filed in New York that Lee, creator of Spider Man, Ironman and Incredible Hulk, transferred all his interest in Marvel characters to SLMI. That entity was placed into bankruptcy by Stan Lee in 2001 and re-emerged in November 2006 with new shareholders, who claim they are owed as much as $750 million.

Lee denies the allegations and has filed his own $50 million lawsuit against SLMI claiming the company has hijacked his name and image and is thwarting his effort to develop such properties as “The Accuser” and “The Drifter” and others via his first-look deals with Disney and Virgin Comics.

It’ll all make perfect sense once someone breaks into the headquarters of Stan Lee Media Inc and after a long battle involving silly monologues and huge amounts of exclamation points, it’s revealed that the Kingpin was pulling the strings in the background all this time!

Below: “To the Cayman Islands with my millions, Spider-man!”