Stan Lee Talks Cameos, The Real Reason Why he Didn’t do One for X-Men First Class

Apparently there was a Comic Con over at Dallas on the weekend and no one bothered to tell me about it. Anyways, Stan Lee took center stage at one of the panels (hosted by artist John Romita Jr.) and the subject of Lee’s cameos in the Marvel movies came up. In his usual entertaining way, Lee relates how he gets his cameos (begging and crying is apparently involved), and the real reason why he didn’t do a cameo for Matthew Vaughn’s “X-Men: First Class”.

As you’ll recall, when we reported that Lee wouldn’t have a “First Class” cameo, we got the news straight from Lee’s Twitter, and he was somewhat unclear about WHY he wasn’t doing one. As it turns out, it’s a pretty simple enough explanation: Vaughn and the guys shooting “First Class” never bothered to call up Lee to do one. Now that is just some lame ass shit on Vaughn’s part, and I’m frankly surprised.

But nevermind the limey. His American counterparts remember who Lee is, and did their part, and Lee will have cameos in “Captain America” and “The Amazing Spider-Man”, and as I recall, “The Avengers” as well. Lee actually SPOILS his “Spider-Man” cameo during the panel, but since I’ve made it my mission to avoid spoilers about Lee’s cameos from now on, I of course stopped watching just as he’s about to spoil it. I suggest you do the same to preserve the surprise.

h/t Comingsoon