Stan the Man Lee in Iron Man 2

It’s like Hitchcock and his movies: you can’t have a comic book movie based on a Marvel character without Stan Lee making some kind of cameo. Okay, unless it’s the Punisher movies. Those things were way too violent for ol Stan. Some directors give him lots to do, others not so much. Jon Favreau is apparently going to be helping Stan stretch his acting chops. According to the site NukeTheFridge, Lee will be playing the cinematic version of Larry King in “Iron Man 2”. What, wasn’t the real Larry King available?

In the “Iron Man” sequel, Lee’s Larry King will be asking Tony Stark (star Robert Downey Jr.) about his latest invention, “a modified ‘black’ Iron Man suit” aka War Machine, soon to be worn by Rhodey (currently being assayed by Don Cheadle, replacing a still pretty bitter Terrence Howard, who, probably, is still talking about how he got shafted by Marvel this morning).

Okay, so maybe this isn’t major movie news, but it beats doing a post on Favreau’s latester tweeting of a giant screen green on set. Wow, Jon. Big screen.

Below: Stan Lee, center, surrounded by people you used to beat up in high school.