Star Trek 11 Plot Details: Alternate Timelines, Time Travel, and Romulans!!!

As always when it comes to everything Trek, take this with a, “Maybe, maybe not”, as in, “If it’s all wrong, don’t come blaming me”. But the dudes over at may or may not know what J.J. Abrams has planned for Star Trek 11 and the two Spocks — old Spock played by Leonard Nimoy and young Spock played by “Heroes” star Zachary Quinto. I could try to decipher what AICN said, but since SyFy Portal has done it, and done a bang up job of it, I’ll just quote them on it:

The next Star Trek film apparently will deal with an alternate timeline. And no, not Spock with a goatee, but something that “Star Trek: Enterprise” as a series tried to do but failed.

“Picture an incident that throws a group of Romulans back in time,” Moriarty said. “Picture that group of Romulans figuring out where they are in the timeline, then deciding to take advantage of the accident to kill someone’s father, to erase them from the timeline before they exist, thereby changing all of the Trek universe.”

Apparently the Romulans choose the man himself, Capt. James T. Kirk. Why wait for him to fall off a bridge 100 years in the future when he can be taken out now, the Romulans reason.

That leaves Spock in a peculiar position because somehow he knows about the change, and is able to try and put it all back … but it’s not perfect.

“Evidently, the plan is to use this second timeline as a way of rebooting without erasing or ignoring canon,” Moriarty said. “These new voyages of the Enterprise, they’re taking place in whatever timeline starts with this story.”

And so it goes.

Get trekkin’ December 25, 2008.