Katee Sackhoff Gets in on the All-Female Version of The Expendables

The Expendables 2 (2012) Movie Comic Con PosterMake that two Expendables. The, er, female version.

With “Haywire” and former MMA star Gina Carano already set to front his all-female version of “The Expendables”, producer Adi Shankar has now added “Battlestar Galactica” alum Katee Sackhoff to the action pic. As with Carano’s role, there is no word on who Sackhoff will be playing, or even the plot of the film, but if it’s anything like the male version, the “plot” is probably just an excuse to get all these ladies together to kick ass. Which, let’s face it, is good enough.

Shankar came up with the idea after “The Expendables” sequel opened big, but has since petered out. I guess that didn’t deter him any, and the producer and his 1984 Private Defense Contractors continues to move full-steam ahead with the project, having previously tapped Dutch Southern to bang out a script.

Besides “Battlestar Galactica”, Sackhoff is currently playing a cop on the A&E TV show “Longmire”. She’s also playing a badass merc in the upcoming “Riddick”, and is fronting the action/comedy “Sexy Evil Genius”. She was also in the eighth and final season of “24”, but the less said about that character, the better.

One thing’s for sure: I think it’s clear now that Shankar understands he’s not really doing a riff on “The Expendables” — i.e. old action stars returning for one last hurrah. For one, it’s hard to get “old” female action stars out of retirement; unlike their male counterparts, not many of them have the physicality in their later years. Which probably explains why, I suspect, this female version of “The Expendables” will consist of actresses like Carano and Sackhoff, in their ’20s and ’30s.

So that’s two down and how many more to go?


Via : Variety