Starship Troopers Sequel Marauder Gets its Cast

Because you apparently demanded it (or if you didn’t, you’re gonna get it anyway, so just grit your teeth and take it like a man!), Ed Neumeier’s third installment in his “Starship Troopers” franchise has gotten the go-ahead, and a cast has been assembled to take on the alien bugs! (Or maybe by now they’ve changed to Body Snatcher-like creatures ala part two, “Hero of the Federation”.) Whatever form the bugs take, the 3-year-in-the-making part 3 has been stalled, and was originally set to start shooting in May, but is just now getting underway.

From Moviehole:

Boris Kodjoe (TVs “Soul Food”), Marnette Patterson (“Charmed”), Anthony Bishop (“Catch a Fire”) and comedian Jon Falkow have joined the cast of the direct-to-dvd release “Starship Troopers : Marauder”.

The film was originally set to shoot in May of this year but was perceivably pushed back. Ed Neumeier directs.

FHM’s Tanya van Graan seems to have also won a role, according to

“I’m one of the seven troopers who must help to save the earth,” says Tanya. “I’m not sure exactly where the movie will be shot, but I know that many of the outer-space sequences will be filmed in a studio.”

Wow, that’s an awesome cast. I don’t see how this movie can go wrong. Right?

Actually, I don’t see why Ed couldn’t get the ORIGINAL cast to come back. I mean, who are we talking about here?

Denise Richards, Dina Meyer, Caspier van Dien, the guy who used to be on Doogie Howser who just came out of the closet, and that guy whose father is Gary Busey.

Seriously, we can’t get THOSE guys back???


According to DarkHorizon, Casper Van Dien is, in fact, coming back to reprise his character from the first movie! Damn I’m good.