Starz Updates Incursion, Marco Polo and Noir

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The Starz Channel is doing some really interesting things over there in pay cable TVland, not least of which is their “Spartacus” TV series, which is voluntarily ending its run with a third and final season next year despite still big ratings. It’s also got a number of interesting projects in the works, including a TV series based on Marco Polo to be called, of course, “Marco Polo”, along with a live-action take on the Japanese anime/manga “Noir”, and a very ambitious sounding sci-fi show “Incursion” from “Spartacus” creator Steven S. DeKnight.

Over at the TCA gathering earlier this month, Starz head honcho Chris Albrecht filled in the press throngs on the progress of their new, upcoming shows.

Noir Anime DVD CoverUp first is DeKnight’s “Incursion”, which is being called “Band of Brothers meets Halo”. According to Alberecht, DeKnight just returned from Hawaii, where he shot a “proof of concept” video to show the network brass how the show will look/be shot. It’s standard procedure for visually ambitious shows because, as with little children, sometimes you just have to show these network suits pictures/videos for them to “get” what you’re going for.

So “Incursion” looks like it’s moving forward. Not showing a whole lot of movement towards getting out of development, unfortunately, are the network’s “Marco Polo” and “Noir”.

On “Marco Polo”, Alberecht says that the show is “taking more time than the producers” thought it would, with the idea of shooting on location in China becoming, er, overly complicated. Or as he puts it, more “formidable as we feared”. Hey, it’s China. You know how it is with THAT.

Similarly, “Noir” is becoming a wee bit complicated, with “creative challenges” rearing their ugly heads. One of these “challenges” include dumping the original team assembled to bring the show to life with a new crew that includes “Sleeper Cell” creators Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff. Steven Lightfoot was originally hired to write the script, before being replaced by Sean Jablonski, who has now also been replaced. The show, about two female assassins who team up to fight a mutual enemy, would have made for an interesting show, especially on the anything-goes Starz network. Alas, we may never know.

Via : Deadline