Status of Jim Issac’s Pig Hunt

pig.jpg(Article by Robert Lewis) Because you demanded it — a film about a killer pig! Hot off production of After Dark Films’ yet-to-be-released werewolf opus Skinwalkers, director Jim Issac (who is also responsible for Mr. Voorhees’ space massacre, Jason X) shared some news with the fiends at Bloody-Disgusting regarding his latest contribution to the terror film genre.

Titled Pig Hunt, the film is said to follow a group of boyhood friends as they travel to an isolated forest cabin (I’m guessing to partake in the time honored tradition of sex and drugs…but where are the girls?) for a weekend away from big city life. Sooner rather than later, the idealic trip comes screeching to a terrifying hault when the boys are forced to content with a cult of weed growing, pig-worshiping femme fatales (oh, there they are) and a legendary flesh-munching beast of a boar known appropriately as “The Ripper”.

Post-production is currently underway after a shoot in Boonville, California. Travis Aaron Wade, Jason Foster, Tina Huang, Luis Sugar, and Lane Foard are among the fresh-faced cast. Up-and-comers: the BEST kind of meat for the grinder…