Steampunk Martial Arts Mayhem Awaits Those Who Study Stephen Fung’s Tai Chi 0


Steampunk? Martial arts? Fights choreographed by Sammo Hung? Wait for it — yep, my mind just exploded, effectively coating the interior of my skull with icky nerd juice. What more could you possibly want from a kung fu movie? I can’t think of a single thing. The trailer for actor/director Stephen Fung’s upcoming epic “Tai Chi 0″ is all sorts of kick-ass, so it’s a damn shame that we won’t have a chance to see the flick until 2013. Still, I’m willing to wait. Feel free to add this one to the top of my “highly anticipated” list. Feel free.

Before engaging the trailer directly, read this:

A gifted child with a fleshy growth on his forehead travels far to learn Tai Chi and eventually becomes a master. He then faces an army of steampunk invaders and protect the villagers.

Yuan Xiaochao, Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Angelababy, Eddy Peng, William Feng, Yuan Biao, and Jade Xu Huihui lend their considerable talents to the flick, which, again, looks fantastic. The quality of the embedded trailer isn’t the best, but it’s potential awesomeness is quite clear. When you have a second, watch it a couple of times.

Via : Quiet Earth

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Pascal Moffatt

    Damn it has nothing to do with Yang Luchan tai chi
    come on its a big budget action pack movie
    I was excited when I first here about that but after this trailer…
    Ill watch it but its not the movie I was hoping

  • Waldo

    looks a bit weird, reminds me of sucker punch somehow, maybe because of the music. i’m curious to see how good (or bad) this movie is :)

  • Dedpool

    COunt me in!! Looks crazy!

  • gomugomu


  • Raysheridan
  • Danmillion99

    TOO MUCH WIRE WORK! I don’t like Wire-Fu… sigh.