Stefan Ruzowitzky Now Interested In Demeters Script

“The Last Voyage Of The Demeter”, a story set onboard the ill-fated ship that carried Dracula to England in Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, has recently caught the interest of the award-winning “The Counterfieters” director Stefan Ruzowitzky, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The script, which was written around a decade ago, has been changing hands amongst directors as if people don’t want to direct a film about vampires (last year, we reported that Marcus Nispel would be directing the film).

Anyone who has read “Dracula”, or at least seen one of the accurate screen adaptions, would know that the story onboard the Demeter is only a very small fraction of the plot. If memory serves me right, the crew never actually realise who or what is stalking them on their ship and, one by one, all but one are killed by this mysterious stranger (we’re going to go ahead an guess it was Dracula).

Stefan Ruzowitzky, who has been directing German films since 1996, has toyed about in comedies, thrillers, and dramas, so hopefully he has it in him to turn this simple plot into a suspense-filled horror.