Stephen Chow Remaking Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon?

Is Stephen Chow planning a remake of a Bruce Lee movie with Jack Black and Anne Hathaway among the cast? That’s entirely possible. Then again, it’s probably not, but when it comes to the Ways of the Chow, I must remember that I didn’t think he would ever, ever in a million years sign on to play Seth Rogen’s sidekick in the “Green Hornet” movie, and he did. He eventually came to his senses and left the project, but the fact is, he originally signed on, much to my shock and horror. So yeah, while I would normally have scoffed at Chow remaking Lee’s “Way of the Dragon” with Black and Hathaway a year or two ago, I can’t do so now, not after such a bad read on the man ala “Green Hornet”.

Anyways, the boys at Twitch, via various Hong Kong tabloids, says that Chow plans to remake Bruce Lee’s “Way of the Dragon” with Hollywood stars Jack Black and Anne Hathaway (below) in the cast. The plot of the original “Dragon” had Bruce Lee going to Rome to help out some Chinese restaurant owners being braced by local toughs. The movie was also notable for featuring a Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris battle at the Roman Coliseum.

This is not exactly new news, which sort of gives the report some validity. Word of a Chow-Jack Black collaboration surfaced almost two years ago (details here), and is often cited as one of the reasons why Chow ditched Rogen’s “Green Hornet”. Likewise a Chow-Anne Hathaway project being in the works (that story here). Then again, it could just be that the Hong Kong tabloid who originated the story is just recycling older Chow stories, so who knows, really.

The fact is, Asian newspapers get a kick out of linking various Hollywood stars to local productions, even when they have no basis in fact whatsoever. This happens pretty routinely over there.

UPDATE: AICN adds that the film will be called “Tai Chi” and the plot will go something like this:

It tells the story of a Chinese migrant in the US (played by Chow) who works as a dishwasher in Chinatown and hides his skills as a Tai Chi master. He is forced to stand up to gangsters who oppress his fellow migrants and later gets invited to start martial arts schools to share his knowledge.

Sounds like a good idea for a movie, though I haven’t a clue how Jack Black and Anne Hathaway (but especially Anne Hathaway) is going to fit in there.

Yeah, I'd like to Chow on that cookie. By which I mean Anne Hathaway. Ahem.