Stephen Chow’s CJ7 Opening January 2008

I still don’t know why the movie is called “CJ7”, but I guess we’ll find out when Stephen Chow’s “CJ7”, formerly known as “A Hope” (which kinda made a little bit more sense, albeit not by much I’ll grant you), opens in Asia January 31st, 2008, according to Asian Popcorn. Here’s a little bit more details about the movie: “Stephen Chow plays a small potato in this film. The poor father, Chow, has a son whom he loves deeply. And they meet a kindly teacher, who is actually an alien.” Um, okay. I still don’t know how a movie about a poor father and his son and an alien teacher will end up being a slam-bang action/stunt-filled CGI spectacle that we’re being promised…


Film investor, the China Film Group Corporation, announced the decision, according to The Beijing News report. Agent of the comedy star says that Stephen Chow is still busy editing the film, which he has been working on for about a year.

He explains that fantasy film is a new field for Chow and he has to put in a lot of time on the post-editing. The emphasis of the director’s work is the stunts, according to the publicist, however, the selling point of the film is the story itself, as story-telling is just Chow’s forte.

I still don’t quite get this movie, but nevermind that. Here are a couple of images from it:

Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow Stephen Chow Stephen Chow Stephen Chow