Stephen Dorff is a Desperate Man Locked in a Trunk in Brake Trailer and Clip

Brake (2012) Movie PosterOh sure, Ryan Reynolds already beat him to it in “Buried”, but unlike that movie, Stephen Dorff’s Secret Service Agent has a lot more at stake than just his own life. Though admittedly that’s pretty important too. I mean, saving the President is fine and all, but come on, if you can’t help yourself out of the trunk of a terrorist’s car first… Am I right? Anyhoo. Check out the trailer and a clip for Gabe Torres’ intense thriller “Brake”. I think they should have called it “Trunk” myself, but what do I know.

Jeremy Reins (Dorff) is about to have a very bad day. He wakes up in total darkness, confused and disoriented. The only light comes from the blood-red digital numbers ticking away above his head. Jeremy quickly realizes he’s in trouble. It’s hard to breath. He can barely move. And no one will answer his cries for help. Then, he hears the sound of an engine and it all becomes clear…he’s trapped in the trunk of a moving car.

As his captors reveal themselves and their motives, Jeremy realizes he won’t be set free until he gives up the whereabouts of “Roulette,” a secret location where the U.S. President is taken in the event of a terrorist attack.

Also starring Chyler Leigh, JR Bourne, and Tom Berenger.

The film is currently available on Cable VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes and XBox Zune, including at SundanceNow, before making its way to a limited theatrical release on March 23rd.